The Fondazione Ambiente Milano promotes the SOS Planet initiative in order to contribute to make the world net carbon neutral by 2030 (much before 2050).


Our aim

SOS Planet has the following three objectives:

  1. To collect further confirmations on the fact that we should become net CO2-eq neutral by 2030 and carbon negative after 2030 by sequestrating circa 40Gt of CO2 from the atmosphere each year for the following 60-70 years in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets. We promote the net CO2-eq neutrality by 2030 and, in any case, as soon as possible – much before 2050. Based on the rising average temperatures trend assessments over the last decades and according to scientists, becoming net carbon neutral by 2050 would unavoidably lead to a rise in global average temperatures far beyond the Paris Agreement target of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels (i.e. +0.4°C compared to today’s temperatures) in 2100.
  2. To verify if the public opinion is aware of the above and would be ready to immediately abandon fossil fuels and introduce a carbon tax. Based on the opinion polls we commissioned in 10 European and world countries, the large majority of the respondents would be in favour.

  3. To publish in the most important newspapers of the countries involved in the abovementioned opinion polls appeals to Governments and Parliaments to introduce laws and policies in accordance with citizens’ will and take bold actions to make their countries net carbon neutral by 2030. Potentially, to promote public initiatives.
Scientific background

The scientific evidence highlights the need to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions to avoid irreversible and catastrophic impacts on the planet and on humanity.

According to the Climate Reality Check 2020 report we need to mobilize for “zero emissions at emergency speed: 2030 — not 2050 — is the crucial time frame”.

The SOS Planet initiative: overview and steps

In order to implement our aim, we will ask legislators of ten of the most important countries of the world to apply a carbon tax and to turn their countries net carbon neutral by 2030 through appeals and/or public initiatives.

First step – Opinion polls (DONE)

Between January and July 2020, we commissioned to Eumetra Mannheimer and YouGov opinion polls in ten of the most important European and world countries.

Summary of the opinion polls

Results of the opinion polls per country
Europe: Italy – France – Germany – U.K. – Spain – Switzerland– Russia
Outside of Europe: India – China – USA

* In Switzerland, the survey was conducted by St Gallen University. This survey is part of a longer annual survey St Gallen has been conducting since 2011.

Other relevant surveys 2020

  1. Bertelsmann Foundation, eupinions project survey conducted in March 2020: it shows that most Europeans want a carbon neutral EU by 2030.
  2. Ipsos MORI survey conducted in April 2020: it shows that 71% of the world population believes climate change as serious as Covid-19 and majority wants climate prioritised in economic recovery.
    SourceIpsos MORI
  3. Pew Research Center poll conducted in spring 2020: in several countries of the world the large majority of the population cites global climate change as one of the major threats to their country.
    SourceTermometro Politico
  4. GlobeScan Insight report published in September 2020: an average of 90% of the people from 27 countries surveyed continue to consider climate change as an urgent and serious issue despite the pandemic and the economic crisis.
Second step – Appeals (in progress)

The next step will be to publish the results of the survey in the form of appeals to Governments and Parliaments to legislate and change policies in accordance with such results. These appeals should be published in the most important national and international newspapers and should be signed by the most prominent people, corporations and institutions.

Third step – Public initiatives 

In parallel, we will promote referendums, petitions or other public initiatives in order to introduce such legislations in the countries concerned in alliance with the most important people of each country. We are planning to begin from those countries where public initiatives are easy to implement based on their Constitutions, as in Switzerland.

Fourth step – Green Economic Forum

Provided that the Covid-19 situation allows us to, we plan to organize a Green Economic Forum aimed at ‘waking up the leaders of today and training the leaders of tomorrow’ by gathering together at the Maloja Palace CO2-Neutral in Switzerland environmental and climate organizations, scientists, companies, institutions and universities before or after the WEF 2021.

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